Foundations of Type Design

Guide & FAQ

Guide & FAQ

What is the Course About?

This online series aims to build a solid foundation of knowledge for what you need to know before embarking on your first typeface design, and then carrying it to the finish line. Intermediate topics are also covered, such as the idea of expanding designs to type families, how to use calligraphy in your design process, and more.

This series will approach the art and craft of type design from multiple angles, such as providing plenty of historical context in addition to practical insights into the type design process. Instruction for software tutorials will also be covered in depth using Glyphs 2, a popular font design software.

English & Spanish subtitles are also available for all videos.

Who is this for?

Graphic designers, typographers, lettering artists, calligraphers, basically anyone who loves letterforms! Even if your goal isn't about becoming a professional type designer, there's many aspects of the letterform design process that is helpful for many related disciplines. After all, letters are the building blocks of communication design!

What Do I need for the course?

Long story short, this course is aimed to be platform-agnostic, meaning that it focuses on the principles of design so anyone can learn regardless of the type of computer or software they have.

That being said, the software demos in section 3 and 4 will utilize the Mac font editor Glyphs App and Adobe Indesign.

Who's the instructor?

Lynne Yun is a New York City based type designer and educator who specializes in typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy. She has taught classes at educational institutions such as Type@Cooper, Parsons School of Design, and the Letterform Archive. Lynne's previous endeavors include serving as a board member of AIGA NY and Society of Scribes, and being a full-time type designer at Monotype. Lynne currently runs the type studio Space Type.

Why do you need donations?

This course is accessible to everyone — and thus, has no paywall. As a woman of color, it is important to me that this course serves to lower the barrier to entry for the type design field, especially for those who cannot access or afford formal education. However, this means that I rely on many small donations to get compensated for my work. Whether it be $5 or $50, it would mean a lot to me! ☕️ Xoxo, Lynne

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