Foundations of Type Design

Section 1. Foundational Knowledge & Terminology

Section 1. Foundational Knowledge & Terminology

1.0 Welcome!

1.1 Type Design Process Overview

1.2 Anatomy of Type

If you want a neat cheat-sheet on hand, check out this Typographic anatomy chart by Chavelli Tsui! Anatomy of Type

1.3 Typeface Classification

Some Notes:

  1. I lumped in Old Style and Humanist classifications together, but they can be separated into its own category. (check out I Love Typography blog articles on Humanist and Old Style.
  2. The Times New Roman typeface is shown as an example of 'Old Style', but technically speaking it is somewhere in the middle of Old Style and Transitional. (check out Wikipedia for more info). That being said, it has a noticeable angled stress that I consider to be the easiest way for beginners to spot an old style typeface, so i chose to put it in the old style category.

1.4 Languages and Scripts

1.5 Kerning and Spacing

1.6 Modularity of Type

1.7 Optical Compensation

1.8 Type as Technology

1.9 Where to Find Fonts

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