Foundations of Type Design

Section 3. Basics of Designing a Digital Typeface

Section 3. Basics of Designing a Digital Typeface

Important Notes for Glyphs 3 Users: These lecture videos show demos utilizing Glyphs 2, which is the older version of the Glyphs 3 App. However, as these demos do not use any of the functions unique to Glyphs 3, anyone following along with Glyphs 3 should not have a problem.

When using Glyphs 3, after launching the software, click on New Document -> Latin -> Create Document. Then your screen should look similar to any of the demos below!

3.1 Intro to Glyphs 2

Note for Windows users:

Alternative design software for Windows users could be Fontlab. (EDU discounts are also available here.)

3.2 Interface Tour

3.25 Installing Plugins

3.3 Basics of Drawing Part 1

3.4 Basics of Drawing Part 2

3.5 Basics of Drawing Part 3

3.6 Adjusting Font Metrics

3.7 Starting Spacing

3.8 Trying out Components

3.9 Versioning Tips

3.10 Test Installing

3.11 Intro to Proofing

Download link:

3.12 Spacing References

Spacing Resources:

3.13 Character Set References

Character Set References

3.14 List & Smart Filters

Link to list mentioned in lecture:

3.15 Installing Scripts

3.16 Kerning Groups

3.17 Kerning Process

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